48" Chameleon Dual Track ll Broom

Marion Brush

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Chameleon Trac II Dual Broom System

The Marion Brush Company's patented Chameleon Trac II Dual Broom System complete with rope and orange brush inserts (Specify in your order if you want to change the orange brushes for a different color). The handle-less concrete finishing rope brush.

  • Use the ropes to pull your Trac II Broom system across your concrete surface
  • Eliminates the use handles
  • Easily broom finish large areas without the weight of multiple handles
  • Excellent in confined areas where long handles wont fit
  • Finish 50%-70% faster
  • Offers a unique angle adjustment
  • Chameleon Brushes retain their original shape even after extended use
  • If your bristles get bent just pour hot water over them to straighten
  • Individual brushes come in color coded interchangeable inserts
    • Green - Stiffest
    • Orange - Medium (most popular and most like normal finish brooms)
    • Black - Soft
    • White - Softest

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