48" Chameleon Trac ll, Dual Broom Rope Brush

Marion Brush

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Chameleon Trac II, Dual Broom Rope Brush

Marion Brush Manufacturing Company's patented Chameleon Trac II is a handleless concrete finishing system that is pulled from side to side with ropes to give you the most uniform textured finish on the market. Works wonderfully for large concrete pours or confined areas where metal handles won't fit.

  • Comes with orange brush inserts unless otherwise specified in your order notes
  • Eliminates the use handles
  • Without the weight of handles you can start finishing sooner
  • Excellent in confined areas where long handles wont fit
  • Offers a unique angle adjustment to set a preferred pitch of the bristles
  • Chameleon Brushes retain their original shape even after extended use
  • Bristles can be returned to original shape should they get bent or warped by simply applying boiling water
  • Slide out brush inserts allow you to quickly replace or change the texture of your bristles
  • Chameleon Brushes offer different textures with color coded brush refills
    • Green - Stiff
    • Orange - Medium (most popular)
    • Black - Soft
    • White - Softest

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