Brunner & Lay Carbide Rock Bit, H Thread, Heavy Duty, 3" Diameter - T3007M0

Brunner & Lay

  • $139.00

Brunner & Lay H-Thread Heavy Duty Carbide Rock Drill Bit - T3007M0

Carbide rock bits have a longer service life compared to steel bits. Combine these rock drill bits with H-Thread drill steel for strong, smooth drilling.

Full size tungsten carbide inserts, which resist gauge wear and abrasion, makes this our most popular item. The design allows for multiple sharpenings and continued reuse until the inserts are consumed.

  • Diameter: 3"
  • Tungsten carbide inserts: 9/16"
  • H-Thread
  • Cross-bit configuration
  • Resharpen and reusable
  • Bit allows air through to keep hole free of debris

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